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Create a Fundraiser

Fundraising Toolkit

The National CMV Foundation invites both businesses and individuals to support our programs through fundraising. Without your assistance, our work could not be possible. The below attachments contain information about the National CMV Foundation, including suggestions to help you organize and plan your event. Please keep in mind that we are providing examples and templates, not requirements. We hope that you will plan your event to best suit your needs as well as those of the donors you plan to engage. 

Getting Started

  • Start Your Fundraiser using Crowdrise or Facebook. Either, is an easy way to start your own campaign or join an existing one. 

  • Donate. Make the first donation to demonstrate to your community that you believe in your efforts and the cause. Every dollar counts!
  • Share Your Story. Customize your campaign page with photos, videos, and your story of why you're raising money for National CMV.  

  • Make Your Impact. Reach out to friends and family – through email, social media, texts, or phone calls – and ask them to donate or join you. Send a personalized email to friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances, and follow-up with potential notifications, reminders, and progress updates. Ask people around you, including small businesses, campus organizations or other community sites. Does your company match funds? Ask your employer if you can include your fundraiser in an upcoming company newsletter or email announcement.
  • Say Thank You. Be sure to thank each person for their contribution and generosity!

Suggested Social Media Posts

  • I am fundraising for the National CMV Foundation. Support my fundraising efforts by making a donation to eliminate congenital CMV for the next generation!
  • Training hard to #Compete4CMV and raise money for the National CMV Foundation. Support my fundraising efforts by making a donation to eliminate congenital CMV and save babies!
  • Congenital CMV is common, serious, and preventabe. Consider supporting the National CMV Foundation to educate women of childbearing age about this devastating virus. #stopCMV
  • Congenital CMV is the leading viral infection causing permanent disability in newborns and 91% of women don't know about it. Join me in donating to the National CMV Foundation today.
  • I am raising money for @NationalCMV. 6k babies/year are born with permanent disabilities in the U.S. Support my efforts by making a donation today. #stopCMV
  • Training hard to #Compete4CMV for @NationalCMV. Help support my fundraiser today so we may eliminate cCMV and save babies!
  • CMV is common, serious, and preventable. Donate to my event today to support @NationalCMV
  • 91% of women don't know about congenital CMV, far more common than Zika. Donate to help @NationalCMV educate women of childbearing age! #stopCMV

Still Need Help?

See our fundraising toolkit and sample templates below. Our staff is available are here to answer questions and offer advice. Contact us today.