​Get Involved: 6 Ways to Support National CMV This June

​Get Involved: 6 Ways to Support National CMV This June

June is National CMV Awareness Month. National CMV Awareness Month is a time to educate your community about congenital CMV. Spreading CMV awareness in medical practices, therapy centers, daycares and schools is a great way to celebrate June and promote prevention practices so we may eliminate congenital CMV for the next generation. 

Please support National CMV in one or all of the following ways:

1.    Add the CMV Awareness Month Frame to Your Facebook Profile Picture
•    Go to the profile picture frame feature
•    Tap on the menu above your profile picture
•    Search for “cmv awareness month”
•    Select the picture frame
•    Tap “Use as Profile Picture” to save

2.    Be a Social Sharer
•    Share facts, messages, posts, news articles, personal stories, videos and/or Stop CMV hand photos and use the hashtags #stopcmv and #cmvawareness

3.    “Buy” a Bracelet
•    Go to www.nationalcmv.org
•    Click the Donate button
•    Select $50 or $125 to make a tax-deductible contribution
•    Type “cmvawareness” into the promotion code box
•    For $50, choose either the “Men’s Evil Eye Seed Bead Bracelet” or “Women’s Heart Seed Bead Bracelet”
•    from the drop-down menu and click Select
•    For $125, choose the "Women’s CMV Color Trio” from the drop-down menu and click Select
•    Complete form
•    An acknowledgement letter will be sent via email. Bracelet to ship in 1-2 weeks

4.    Host a Fundraiser or Educational Event
•    Many parents and friends are hosting events throughout the month to educate the public about congenital CMV, such as a Cycle 4 CMV ride in Tampa, FL -- a Kendra Scott jewelry party in Denver, CO -- a walk in Central Park, NYC -- and a fundraising family affair in Yorkville, IL.

5.    Submit Your Personal Story
•    We want to share your story and highlight the many faces of congenital CMV. Please submit 500 words and a picture to stories@nationalcmv.org 

6.    Donate
•    Our dollars go to general awareness education and research programs specifically designed to further advances in congenital CMV

Do you have an idea? Submit it to june@nationalcmv.org 

Help us to #stopcmv!