Woman kissing cheek of daughter

Stop CMV Hands Campaign

Stop CMV Hands Campaign

National CMV is collecting personal and powerful hand photos to raise public awareness of CMV and to demonstrate our commitment to congenital CMV as a public health priority. Further, we strive to inspire and support kids and families within the CMV community.

We call it grassroots activism. It’s both important and effective.

Join the Campaign to Stop CMV!

As simple as it sounds, by writing “Stop CMV” on the palm of your hand, you’ll become part of a global campaign working to educate women and save babies from the dangers of CMV.  

Will you raise your hand to help us stop CMV?

Do you have a camera or smartphone? If so, please consider taking a photo of yourself and/or your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and members of your community to help us increase public awareness of congenital CMV.

#stopCMV to raise #cmvawareness @NationalCMV

Are you social? If so, use your social media accounts to share your hand photo and ask others to follow your lead! Be sure to tag @NationalCMV on Instagram and Twitter, and use the hashtag #stopCMV to label your photo so others can see it.